Eyeline Putting Training Aid

December 28, 2008

I’ve been told by a few golf instructors that this is the putter training aid that all the pro’s on the tour use. I’ve been using this for about a year now and I really like it. My putting has significantly improved over the past couple of years and this training is one of the reason’s it has gotten better. I subscribe to the Stan Utley method of putting where the putter stays on an arc or plane. It has the mini swing plane board that you lets you glide the heel of putter against as you putt ensuring that you are on plane. The bottom of the unit is a reflective material that acts like a mirror so you can see exactly where your eyes are over the ball. At the base of the unit there is a place where you can put your ball and putt while you are gliding the heel of the putter against plane board.

I like training aids because it gives you the right feel and helps you ingrain it into your muscle memory. I had a buddy try it out in my backyard for just a few minutes and instantly he could recognize that his putting path was off plane. He said the next round he putted significantly better and this training aid helped because he was closer to being back on plane.

If you’re looking for a good training aid, I highly recommend this one. I purchased one off of ebay for $30.

eyeline training aid


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