Putting Analysis – What is the KEY to Putting?

December 28, 2008

Getting a putting analysis done was probably the best $75 I’ve spent on improving my putting. At San Jose Muni they have a putting analysis system called SAM ( Science and Motion) that gives you an analysis of your entire putting stroke. The system analyzes your putter path, face angle, rotation, length of putting stroke, total time and most importantly it measures your tempo or “cadence” to see how consistent your stroke is. Apparently Tiger Woods has one in his basement.

First thing the instructor said to me in the session was that the KEY to putting is consistency. Consistency is MORE important than technique and after the session the analysis of my putting showed exactly that. My summary showed that my putting technique or putting swing path is actually pretty good, but in my putting stroke everything that has to do with consistency (putter head speed, length of stroke, tempo, cadence etc…) was anything but consistent. Once I started working on tempo and cadence my putting really started to get a lot better.

A friend of mine who is a +1 handicap says he practices his putting stroke in his room on a swing plane board (like the eyeline training aid) and a metronome for 10-20 min’s per nite. You can also view the post on Putting Tempo and Cadence. Below is a video on the putting analysis from the Science and Motion website.

You can download and view the putting analysis reports below. I highly recommend get your putting analysis done, it will highlight what you are doing right and where you need to focus to be a better putter.

Initial Analysis DOWNLOAD FILE

After Lesson Analysis DOWNLOAD FILE

Summary Analysis DOWNLOAD FILE

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