How NOT using GolfPage cost me $10,000!!

July 30, 2009

What if you could have the “PERFECT” day in the kingdom? (see video below)

What would it be like?    How ridiculous would it be?

Play 36 holes at a couple of awesome courses w/ good friends.

Hit a lot of great shots long and far. Sink a lot of putts.

Shoot unbelievable low for 2 rounds.

Have several birdies on the day… maybe an eagle… how about your first ever Hole In One on a long par 3 over water?

My brother Terry (6 handi) , 2 friends, Chris (8) and Tracy (17) and I (5) decide we’re going to play 36 holes in Rocklin/Auburn area in Sacramento.   Terry lives in Sac and we’re going to play in his company’s tournament, shotgun starts at 12:30pm.   Since we’re driving up from the Bay Area, we figure we might as well make most of the and play 36.   So Terry gets a t-time at 6:30am at The Ridge (which is an awesome course, see review on The Ridge), unbelievably beautiful day and a beautiful course.

So let’s talk about the dream and what a perfect day of golf would be like. On Saturday, July 25, 2009, for my buddy Chris, the dream comes true. That’s his picture with the “happy” grin that won’t go away.

Chris hole in one 2009-07-25 10.29.42

  • For 36 Holes shoots 75/75… pretty awesome for a 8 handicap.   The Ridge is a legit course from the back tee’s.
  • Wins the company tournament for both Low Net and Low Gross.   Wins one of the closest to the holes. Walks away with cash winnings of $90 bucks plus a voucher of 4 to play the course again, probably worth $320.
  • 6 Birdies on the day.   On the back 9 at The Ridge he has 3 of them to shoot one under for the back.
  • And you guessed it.   A hole in freakin one on #17 at the Ridge.    After 24 years of playing golf his first hole in one on a very legit par 3. 185 yard shot over water, nice little fade into the green, one or two hops and it goes in.   Not only did the 3 guys he plays a lot of golf and banters with witness the shot… it’s  video taped by the course.   Check out the video below.

I’ve been playing this game for 30 plus years and I don’t even dream of having a day this good, let alone live it.   It was a lot of fun to watch and just be there.   Couldn’t even imagine what it must feel like to be that guy.

So you’re asking what’s this have to do about costing me “$10,000”?

The truth is it didn’t cost me $10,000, but let me continue the story. So after the hole in one round at The Ridge, we’re having lunch and we’re talking about the amazing shot.   The waiter hears our conversation and asks, “you got a hole in one on #17? Did you pay $5 when you checked in for the $10,000?”.   “WHAT?!”    The waiter goes on to explain that The Ridge has a $10,000 hole in one promo.   Pay $5 bucks, when you check in and if you hit a hole in one on #17 you win $10,000.     There are 7 camera’s around that hole watching the shot.

“Huh?!”  So the rest of lunch our conversation was about how Chris could’ve won $10,000 and how come we didn’t know about it. It’s like you need the local knowledge to know these things.   We end up concluding though we probably wouldn’t have paid the extra $5 because it would be like a waste of money.    We all feel better about it, especially Chris, that even if we had the chance to enter we probably would not have.

So the next day I’m working on the GolfPage.   By curiosity I look to see if there are any deals in there for The Ridge.    A few come up, like the “Back 9 early am Special for $25” and there is the “$10,000 Hole in One Challenge”.   As I start reading the details it says the challenge is $5 during the weekday and FREE on the weekend. You only need to mention the promo when you sign in. WHAAAT?!

You’re telling me all we had to do was mention the promo when we checked in and Chris would’ve won $10,000?!   So here I’ve been working on this golf deals database and this website for the past 3 weeks.   My brother is really good at finding deals, so I didn’t even check my own database.    You put your own cliche here, “You snooze you lose”, “Knowledge is power”, ” Let me tell you about the big fish that got away”…   Holy smokes.   What a great story that would’ve been, shoot 2 all time low rounds on the same day, get your first hole in one  (captured on video) AND win $10,000.

NOT using GolfPage cost   me Chris, $10,000.    Sorry buddy… but you still had a great day in the kingdom that few of us can only dream about.  Nice work.

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