Bridgestone Ball Fitting

September 3, 2010


Can the Right Ball and Shaft get my drives to 300 yards?

That’s what the numbers say.  I did the Bridgestone Ball Fitting @ Coyote Creek.

The launch monitor is all set up and it captures all the data: swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, etc…  My numbers came out pretty consistent:

Swing Speed 115mph

Launch Angle 11 degrees

Spin Rate – 2600-2800

If you’re into golf it’s a lot of fun.  On the range they ask you to choose your favorite golf ball and you hit your own driver into a net. 

I chose the ProVIx, thought I’d try and compare it against the best.  After taking a few drives using the Pro VIx the Bridgestone guy made a recommendation for me to try the Bridgestone B330-S based on my swing speed.  The Bridgestone guy used a whole lot of ball technology jargon that I had no idea what he was talking about, “multi-core, inner core, outer mantle, etc…”  wow, I had no idea technology has come so far… or this was a lot of spin marketing.

Took a few swings and low and behold the numbers for the B330-S was better.  I hit the B330-s about 10-15 yards farther than the Pro VIx from 265-280.

The Bridgestone guy mentioned what’s going to make the biggest difference for me is to get a new shaft for my driver.  At 115mph and spin rate at roughly 2700 the shaft is too whippy.  Going to need to find an extra stiff shaft that’s going to lower the spin rate down to 2200 which would translate into hitting the ball an add’l 20-30 yards.

If I can find the right shaft the numbers say my drives should be around 300 yards.  How cool would that be…?  :)

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