What is the GolfPage about?

The core of the GolfPage is to help golfers answer 2 questions:  (1) Where should I play and (2) where can I get a good deal.  Read our article the strategies to find the best deals “Why Pay Full Price”.

We consolidate all the deals for you including on-line specials, email specials, discount tee-times,  discounts from other organizations including NCGA, 2 for 1 coupons and more…

1.  Which golf courses can I find golf course coupons, discounts, promotions and specials on?

We’re primarily tracking the specials offered by the golf courses listed on the NorCal Top 100 list.   The NorCal Top 10o list is defined as all golf courses in Northern California that have a standard rate of $60 or more.

2.   I don’t see any specials for that I’m looking for and I see the course listed in the NorCal Top 100 list.

This probably means that there probably are not any current specials available for this course.   Only the courses with current specials that are being tracked in the database will show up in the list.

3.  It’s my birthday how do I view courses that offer a “birthday golf special”

In the Search box type in “birthday” and all the courses that offer birthday special will show up in the result set.   There are several courses that offer a “free round” of golf on your birthday like Wente Vineyards.  Wouldn’t it be nice to play a FREE round there?

Other useful searches are: “seniors”, “juniors”, “military”

4.  There are courses that are not in the NorCal Top 100 list that I would like to see the golf course coupons, discounts, promotions and specials being tracked.

Please send the course name and link to the website to customerservice@golfpage.com .  We will do our best to track the course specials moving forward.

5.  How come all the courses in the NorCal Top 100 list  are not being reviewed in the Course Review section?

The course review section is intended to be a list of courses that we would recommend to play if you are in that area.   Just like going to the concierge at a hotel and asking for a recommendation for a restaurant to eat at.   The list of courses we have reviewed we would put on our list of “recommendations” to try if you have not played that course before.

The course review section is limited to the public courses in Northern California that we have played or have been recommended by seasoned golfer’s that we respect their games.  Ultimately we would like to have a limited list of “recommended” golf courses for each Area in Northern California.

6. There is a golf course that I think should be added to the Course Review section as an additional recommendation.

Send us the name of the course and link to the website for review to customerservice@golfpage.com

7. What’s a “GP FAV”?

The “GP FAV” are recommendations in our Course Review Section of the courses we believe offer the best value considering the quality of course and the type of deal you can get.

8.  I don’t agree with your course recommendations or GP FAV’s.  How did you come up with this list?

The reviews and recommendations are extremely subjective.  Each of our staff members have 20-30 years of playing golf  (primarily in the South Bay) and have a handicap as low as a +1 to as high as a 7.    The reviews and recommendations are based the consensus of the staff members and other hardcore local golfers we know and respect their games.

We all take golf pretty seriously and hope the courses we like you will like as well.

9.   I have a “great personal golf story ” I would like to submit to be posted.

Have a great local golf story like the “How NOT using GolfPage cost me $10,000”?   Send it in to us for review at  info@golfpage.com

10.  Suggestions on how we can make our site better and more useful?

Send us an email at customerservice@golfpage.com

All other inquiries send us an email at info@golfpage.com

(For all golf course promotions and specials please call course directly to confirm the details of the deal.)

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